Nuclear power around the world

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Nuclear power around the world

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SARWUT Reactor Safety Analysis Workshop #3 – finished.

SARWUT Reactor Safety Analysis Workshop #3

In the first part of the Workshop the outcome of Task 9: “Elaboration of methods for the safety analysis of PWRs and BWRs in case of disturbances in coolant system (SBLOCA, LBLOCA) and serious accidents” was presented. The Task 9 is as part of the strategic research project of National Center for Research and Development (NCBiR) entitled: “Technologies for the development of safe nuclear energy”.

In the second part of the Workshop the results of  the analysis of the two scenarios were presented. The two scenarios were developed with AREVA and are listed below:

  • Scenario 4: Severe accident, core melt, operation of core catcher, analysis of EPR (MELCOR, MAAP)
  • Scenario 5: CPY: Main feedwater regulation malfunction (RELAP5, CATHARE)

The workshop was organized jointly with AREVA, the French company specialised in designing and constructing reactors around the world. Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) presented the results of their calculations, and specialists from AREVA (Bruno Blotas, Werner Schmidt, Pascal Gandrille and Viet-Hung Dang) commented and stated that models where prepared in accordance with international standards, and the analysis was duly executed.


Participants from the following institutions took part in the Workshop:

  • Warsaw University of Technology
  • National Atomic Energy Agency (PAA)
  • National Center for Nuclear Research (NCBJ)
  • Gdańsk University of Technology (PG)
  • Polish Nuclear Society (PTN)
  • Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy (SEREN Polska)
  • Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology (ICHTJ)
  • AGH University of Science and Technology
  • French Embassy in Warsaw.
The presentation from the Workshop can be downloaded by clicking  >>> here <<<.

SARWUT Workshop #3: Werner Schmidt SARWUT Workshop #3

AREVA : Bruno Blotas and Werner SchmidtParticipants to SARWUT Workshop #3

SARWUT Workshop #3, Piotr Darnowski presenting. SARWUT Workshop #3: Eleonora Skrzypek presenting.

SARWUT Workshop #3 SARWUT Worshop #3 Sebastian
SARWUT Workshop #3: Kacper Samul

ASTEC Training

Our experts took part in ASTEC training. You can find theirs opinion below. More information can be found by clicking:

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Invitation to: SARWUT Workshop #3

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