About project

SARWUT- Safety Analysis Report  at Warsaw University of Technology

Grant Issued by National Center for Research and Development (NCBiR) in the field of reactor safety

  • National Center for Research and Development (NCBiR) is a state body that provides funding for research and development, especially ones that are focused on industrial applications.
  • Topic of a grant: Elaboration of methods for the safety analysis of PWRs and BWRs in case of disturbances in coolant system (SBLOCA, LBLOCA) and serious accidents. Codes: RELAP5, TRACE, MELCOR.
  • Grant Awarded
  • Project started October 3rd 2012
  • Duration Oct 2012 – August 2014
1. Description of the analysis methods with a full modeling of primary and secondary coolant loops in a PWR and primary coolant loop in a BWR.

2. Preparation of a model data set to conduct the above analysis, including cases such as: changes in the amount of coolant in the primary coolant loop, partial loss of integrity of the primary coolant loop, loss of coolant accidents, reactivity transients and disturbances of heat removal in the secondary coolant loop.

3. Perform calculations using the codes provided by the nuclear regulatory body (RELAP, TRACE, ASTEC) for the scenarios agreed by the nuclear regulatory body.

4. The development of simplified calculation methods for application in simulators of PWRs and BWRs that are intended for training of operational staff.

5. Undertake tasks concerning the validation of applied analysis methods in the scope agreed by the nuclear regulatory body.